Come onnn who recorded this, its not done yet, do you got the second part :d:d:d, thanx so much


hehehe yeah younes i have the remaining clip of it but thst is in standard quality :(

u want? ^^

yeah of course i want :d:d i like the last part when they sing both with one mic :d oh man and that alice ... :d thnx so much


but younes that is cam rip :(

u still want?
tell me if u want tht cam rip

but quality is gud ;)

lol i saw that on youtube :(:(:( no thanks :d:d:d
but ... do you have that somebody's me and be with you live @ canadian idol plz
tnx so much


sorry yaar i had tha but ow i dont hav i recorded that but i lost it when i formatted my pc :( n now all the torrents are dead :'(