The song is better than translated in English. From:Simpu.sk@gmail.com

where can I get it in English ?!

sorry no english version is available yet ... this is leaked trck its not official

anyone knows the name of his upcoming album?

thanks Sahil.. :)
No offence..I am great Enrique fan but this song ...it doesn't sound like Enrique..u know what I mean guys am I right? :P

No abhishek sorry no one knows tht

@ Jeiny
yaaa i understand wht u mean ... this song dont meets the enrique standard thats why enrique had not released this song ...

okay...i hv heard that the new album name is heartbreak.....
bt m nt at ol sure....
maybe its jst a rumour.
plz dont accuse me if it aint the name...

Hey Sahil thanks for understanding :P
Abhishek, if this is the name it would be awesome :D By the way..my name's Nadiya .. but my google is Jeiny :P

Have a nice day guys :P

vl m not sure about that name....bt yeah that name is awesome....
vl i noe this thing for sure...cz its vt Enrique announced-
His new upcoming album would be released in the second or third quarter in 2010. Enrique mentioned that the track listing would be around 14 or 17 with 4 collaborations, including Wisin & Yandel and Akon........

yep abhishek he mentioned all tht .. but name of album is still a mystery

Nice to know ur name Nadiya (Jeiny)

Firstly Hello to all! i don't even listen to Enrique or pop/house/club music - i came here in the first place in search of Enrique's Cuando Me Enamoro for my sister as she asked me for it today, and just below it i saw this song so i thought how great i'll download this one and she'll be beside herself - BUT MAN, I WAS AMAZED BY THIS SONG !!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SO SINCERE IN LOOK OF IT'S MUSIC AND ENRIQUE'S WAY OF SINGING TO IT EVEN MORE ALTHOUGH I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT .. IT IS TOO GREAT FOR WORDS..


THANK YOU FOREVER SAHIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Sahil and all again, i'm the same one from above that lastly wrote - i just wanted to share this with you-it's this same song in a bit better quality.. ohh my sister should be back home any minute now and as she loves enrique the most she'll be crazy happy with this song 100% !!!!!

so here Sahil and all people who want to -this same song in just a bit better quality: http://hulkshare.com/1xonxpty2hxj

of how i only love this song .. i'm constantly listening to it (in a loop) :)) .. GO Enrique !!!!!!! AND IFINITELY THANK YOU SAHIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice to hear this .. thnx for ur wonderful support
by the way wats ur name?
do u know me?

Sahil, brother, i'm sorry for this silence of mine on your questions, but i will explain it all.
Firstly, thank you infinite million times for the songs you provided for all Enrique's listeners - i am valsorim, the one which lastly wrote as anonymous, just above you, saying how i was looking new songs of Enrique for my sister, and that i really liked this song (and i still do, because it's unhappy and harmless feel, but this is only how i felt it was, and because so i liked it still!)!

the only reason i couldn't come with this before and on time was that our internet for the last paid month had expired, and then afterwards i completely forgot returning although i had this site bookmarked, so, it was just today that my sister informed me of yet another new song that was coming this day from Enrique - I Like It, what reminded me of returning here. so i sat searching for this new song, and hoping myself it would be of a similar feel to Tu y Yo, but i was wrong to think that his songs would continue in this manner, like the people commented - it's a bit different from the way his some other songs are in. And the only other thing i liked a bit from listening to Enrique when my sister playes him, was his Tired of being sorry. But anyway, that day when she returned home and immediately gave a listen to Tu Y Yo and Cuando Me Enamoro, she was so glad with both although with the second one better, which i didn't expect.. i liked the first one so much but i don't even listen to Enrique, and when thought of how only better she'll like it, it was just the opposite. but tastes are different i know :)

and just a few hours ago i downloaded I Like It for her, and by far this one bet all three in her liking, she was amazed, but i was so disappointed it was so much different (music is too happy, careless and reckless), hype and exaggerated than i hoped.. but then i know that doesn't matter as she asked it for herself, not me :) so all's fine!

and then i came here at last and saw you updated everything already, and thought that maybe this will be of some use i found for my sister, this same song just without the voiceover, but in no much better quality although it's 192kbps, so here it is: http://www22.zippyshare.com/d/882661901b/1272935541/88266190.mp3

And just before i leave (it's 3:34 am :)), i wanted to share this with you friend, and anyone else that may be interested - it is just one song i like the most in the whole world for so long now, from Enigma i said before i only listen to. i'm sorry it's a bit uncommonly large for a song (11.5 mb), but i just unnecessarily maxed it's mp3 quality when exported it in sound forge. so here it is, and i hope hearing it won't be a waste of time: http://www.mediafire.com/?midtkqdfmot

and just this one last thing and i won't annoy anymore, i didn't know you Sahil before i came to this place (i wasn't even sure it writes "Sahil" before i read it from other commentators :))

All the best and thank you greatly for all your time and patience reading this! i'll be sure to return because i'm so much interested in what you may say for this Enigma song, as i have the same joy in reading other's thoughts on something i like, just as when listening to it :))

Valsorim is ur name?

humm nice to read this ....i think u like to write

sorry i cant reply ur whole comment bcoz i dont have enough time to use internet these days actually i'm out of my country

and thanks a lot for the song of enigma its awesome :)

Hey, Sahil, thank you so much for the time to respond and say your thought on this song! and no problem, you really don't need to respond to nothing more than you have, as all this other text looks just like some monologue lol

But anyways, thank you again for all and see you again i guess, perhaps when Enrique's new album comes with some hopefully good songs : )